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E5! Rxa7 Kxe5, and the rook ending is lost. Ka4! Ra4?? After prolonged and ingenious defense, Anand again makes a blunder, as was the case in his first game. g2 0-1 Round 9 Who could ever have imagined before the tournament that Anand and Adams would score fewer points together than Topalov alone? So, all pre-tournament forecasts are busted. The intrigue of the tournament has been unfolding according to its own, incredible scenario. We will find out tomorrow who Caissa’s favorite is. Today we saw the twilight of the gods.

It looks like Leko took a fancy to the position that Vishy obtained in the opening, whereas Veselin enjoyed the outcome of that game. Na3 This is a novelty, which does not look like a good one. d4. Nc2 Ne5! A well-known idea. The knight transfer to c2 no longer makes sense. Qxf3 the c2-knight does not participate in the fight for the center. Leko opted for a more reserved continuation. Rae8! Topalov is employing the favorite strategy of his opponent - arranging the pieces in the center. f6!? Qg4 fxe5, with full compensation for a pawn.

If he had lost fewer games, he would have been in the position of fighting for prizes. Well, he must know this himself. Now to Adams. Adams scored –3, but someone is always supposed to lose. I wouldn’t call this an outstanding fiasco, though Mickey would probably disagree with me here. Well, that’s about all. Oh, and there is Leko, of course. After the first round there appeared a standing joke: What Leko now has to do is simply draw nine games, and then he will no doubt come first. But Peter was not in the mood to joke.

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