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To my wisdom, this has turn into the traditional observation for the 1st five books of Livy. it's a laugh to learn the various modern reviews--none of which have been altogether favorable. them all appeared skeptical of the length--as an analogous sized statement on all extant books of Livy could run over 7000 pages. The longest overview i'll locate, years after ebook, basically criticized the really brief advent, and albeit had no longer seemed a lot additional on the statement itself!

Here's an excerpt from a evaluate discussing the breadth of Ogilvie's scholarship:
Abundant statement on
political background and prosopography is furnished,
as a really beneficial complement to Livy's political
inexperience, his moralizing bent, and his not
unjustified angle that the early heritage of Rome
is mythical at top. substantial awareness is
paid to Roman religion-again an important emphasis
in view of Livy's tendency to straddle between
his personal desire to take faith heavily, and the
contemporary skepticism that observed piety as an
affectation for political purposes.

Review by means of: Alfred C. Schlesinger
The Classical magazine, Vol. sixty one, No. 6 (Mar., 1966)

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7), a coastal strip some 14 miles long adjoining the land of Ardea. Thus either Laurens was the name of the people, Lavinium of the city (cf. the populus Ardeatis Rutulus in the Aricia inscription) or Lavinium absorbed at a very early date a short-lived community on a different site called Laurentum (to be sought between Ostia and A r d e a ; cf. L. 14. 2045 vicus Augustanus Laurentium, 7 miles from Lavinium). Both Laurentes and Lavinates figure in the list of thirty peoples given by D . H . (2.

9. 4), L. Cincius Alimentus a praetor (26. 23. 1), A. Postumius Albinus consul (Polybius 35. 3. 7), M . Porcius Cato consul and censor, L. Calpurnius Piso consul and censor, L. Coelius Antipater a nobilis (Cicero, Brutus 102), C. Licinius Macer 25 Praef. 3 PREFACE tribune and praetor. Only of L. Cassius Hemina is nothing known. Even Valerius Antias came from a service family (see above, p . 12) and Q . Aelius Tubero belonged to a family distinguished in the public service (Cicero, Brutus 117; Pomponius, Enchiridii 40).

One of the w achieve this is to make his episodes build up or interchange of dialogue. We may detec technique which Livy must have evolve sophical dialogues. And these fragments indirect speech are flavoured by the judic language. A colloquialism or an archaism, term woven into the dialogue serves to ch to make him sound as a figure from the p rtescio quo pacto antiquusfit animus (43. 13. 2). Hercules and Cacus is Evander's greetin religious and poetical phrases are mingled. to action by dramatic language (I.

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