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By Adler, M.

A Syntopicon: An Index to the nice rules (1952) is a two-volume index, released as volumes 2 and three of Encyclopædia Britannica’s assortment nice Books of the Western international. Compiled by way of Mortimer Adler, an American thinker, below the information of Robert Hutchins, president of the college of Chicago, the volumes have been billed as a set of the 102 nice rules of the western canon. The time period “syntopicon” used to be coined in particular for this project, that means “a choice of topics.”[1] The volumes catalogued what Adler and his workforce deemed to be the elemental rules inside the works of the good Books of the Western global, which stretched chronologically from Homer to Freud. The Syntopicon lists, lower than every one concept, the place each incidence of the idea that might be situated within the collection’s recognized works.

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The question is intellect, its not whether man has a soul, fundamental respect from any other composite thing. The materiality of his soul, furthermore, as perishable as it is At the other extreme from man cartes conceives which am very intimately conjoined, yet because, on the one side, I have a clear and distinct idea of myself inasmuch as I am only a I thinking and unextended thing, and as, on the I possess a distinct idea of body as it is capable of separate existence from the body; an immortal soul.

Gb. The man Christian doctrine of (1) The (2) The The gc. Secular condition of Eden and of man condition of in man the history of in the world: fallen Christian view of the stages of conceptions of the stages of and Man's conception of himself and Man as the ice. Man as i CM?. The measure of all human human historic world in the 32 Adam man; corrupted or wounded life life: in the world: law man and grace in a state of nature man; primitive and his place in the Man's understanding of his lob. man Eden: the preternatural powers of nature society; prehistoric loa.

B to \c 616b -c Ic. / Civilization and Its Discontents, 778a The conception of man as an animal, differing only in degree of intelligence and of other qualities possessed by other ani- mals 20 AQUINAS: Summa Theologica, PART in SUPPL, Q 79, A i, ANS 951b-953b 23 HOBBES: Leviathan, PART i, 52b; 53a-b; 53d54a; 59b; 64a-c; 79c; PART ii, 112d-113a; PART iv, 267b 25 MONTAIGNE: Essays, 207a-c; 215a 232c esp 216c-219a, 231d-232c 30 BACON: Novum Organum, BK n, APH 35, 163d- BK i, CH 3 108b-c; CH n 240d-242d 12 AUHELIUS: Meditations, BK in, SECT 16 262d263a,c; BK ix, SECT 9 292b-d 23 MACIHAVELLI: Prince, CH xvm, 25a 23 HOBBES: Leviathan, PART i, 52 b; 53a-b; 164a 32 MILTON: Paradise Lost, BK ix [549-566] 259b 35 LOCKE Human Understanding, BK in, CH vi, SECT 12 271d-272b; CH x, SECT 17 295d-296b; CH xi, SECT 20 304c-d; BK iv, CH xvi, SECT 54a; 54c; 57d; 59b-c; 63a; 79b-d; PART n, 35 HUME: Human Understanding, SECT ix 487b488c 38 ROUSSEAU: Inequality, 334b,d-338d; 348d349c 42 KANT: Pure Reason, 199c-200c 43 MILL: Utilitarianism, 448a-449c; 469b-d 12EpicTETUs: CH Discourses, 28, 134a-d; BK iv, lOOac 25 MONTAIGNE: Essays, 215b-216b; 218a-c 28 HARVEY: On Animal Generation, 427d-428a 30 BACON: Advancement of Learning, 20c-d / Novum Organum, BK n, APH 35, 163d-164a : 12, 370c-371a CHAPTER 2 to 2*(1) 51: MAN 49 DARWIN: Descent of Man, 286a-319d csp i, 257d-258a; Philosophy of History, PART n, 278a-c; PART HI, 304a-b; 310d 287a-b, 294c, 304a-305c, 319b-d; 331b-332a; 591d-592a 51 TOLSTOY: War and Peace, EPILOGUE n, 689c- 690a 53 JAMES: Psychology, 677a; 690b 54 FREUD: Sexual Enlightenment of Children, 121d; 122c 2.

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