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CRITICAL THINKING Find values of x and y so that the value of 7x ϩ 2 is greater than the value of 3y ϩ 23. 48. MULTIPLE CHOICE Which expression could be used to find the cost of buying b baseball bats at $75 each and g baseball gloves at $98 each? A 75b ϩ 98g B bϩg C 75 ϩ 98 D 75b Ϭ 98g 49. SHORT RESPONSE Juan opened a bank account one month with $40 and deposited $15 each month after that. He was able to save $100 by December. In which month did he open the bank account? Evaluate each expression.

Page 562) 15. 6 Ϭ 4 16. 6 Ϭ 2 17. 5 ÷ 5 18. 84 ÷ 4 Chapter Notes Each time you find this logo throughout the chapter, use your Noteables™: Interactive Study Notebook with Foldables™ or your own notebook to take notes. Begin your chapter notes with this Foldable activity. Multiply or divide. (Page 562) 19. 45 ϫ 1,000 20. 3 Ϭ 100 21. 61 ϫ 100 22. net/chapter_readiness Chapter 1 Getting Started 5 1-1 A Plan for Problem Solving am I ever going to use this? What You’ll LEARN Solve problems using the four-step plan.

103 Evaluate each expression. 8. 34 Write each product in exponential form. 11. 5 и 5 и 5 и 5 и 5 и 5 12. 1 и 1 и 1 и 1 13. Evaluate eleven to the third power. net/extra_examples Lesson 1-2 Powers and Exponents 11 Write each power as a product of the same factor. 14. 15 15. 42 16. 38 17. 93 18. 104 19. 113 For Exercises See Examples 14 —19 1, 2 20—31, 38, 3, 4 42–47, 54 32—37, 39, 5 57, 59, 61 Evaluate each expression. 20. 23 21. 26 22. 43 23. 54 24. 110 25. 101 26. 38 27. 46 28. 105 29. 124 30.

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