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By Lev Okun

Translated from Russian by means of Vitaly Kisin

This little booklet concentrates at the foundations of recent physics (its "ABC's") and its so much basic constants: c the speed of sunshine and ħ— the quantum of motion.

to start with, the publication is addressed to specialist physicists, yet as a way to in attaining maximal focus and readability it makes use of the best (high college) arithmetic. accordingly many pages of the ebook might be valuable to varsity scholars and should entice a extra normal viewers.

Readership: students and readers within the actual sciences.

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However, these definitions are not specific enough for one to work with them. The evolution of mathematics and physics during the last century was such that the definitions of basic concepts were becoming progressively more difficult while the operations over them and the proofs were getting progressively easier. Energy and momentum are excellent examples of this. It appears that the optimal way of working with them lies in writing the basic formulas for them and gradually finding out how they agree with the concepts familiar to the reader.

Unfortunately, many people form a very false impression here that in contrast to classical mechanics, in quantum mechanics everything has probabilistic nature. In reality, though, quantum mechanics is in many ways incomparably more rigid than the classical, and we will have a chance to observe it. This inflexibility manifests itself most strikingly in the structure of the Periodic table of chemical elements; to understand it, one only requires the concept of quantum state but does not need to resort to the concept of probability.

February 23, 2012 12 9:39 World Scientific Book - 7in x 5in ABCPhysics ABC of Physics: A very brief guide In Newtonian mechanics the momentum of a body is related to its velocity by the formula p = mv. 2) It is obvious that this transformation stems from the tacit assumption that time t is independent of the reference frame. You will see below that it is very easy to demonstrate that this assumption contradicts the existence of the limiting velocity in nature. Indeed, if the same initial momentum is imparted to a 10 times lighter body, its velocity would be 10 times higher and it would cover 10 times longer path over the same interval of time.

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