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By Andrey V. Davydov

This booklet offers the fundamentals and complex themes of analysis of gamma ray physics. It describes measuring of Fermi surfaces with gamma resonance spectroscopy and the idea of angular distributions of resonantly scattered gamma rays. The dependence of excited-nuclei general lifetime at the form of the exciting-radiation spectrum and electron binding energies within the spectra of scattered gamma rays is defined. Resonant excitation by means of gamma rays of nuclear isomeric states with lengthy lifetime ends up in the emission and absorption traces. within the publication, a brand new gamma spectroscopic approach, gravitational gamma spectrometry, is built. It has a solution hundred million instances greater than the standard Mössbauer spectrometer. one other very important subject of this publication is resonant scattering of annihilation quanta by means of nuclei with excited states in reference to positron annihilation. the applying of the tools defined is to give an explanation for the phenomenon of Coulomb fragmentation of gamma-source molecules and resonant scattering of annihilation quanta to review the form of Fermi surfaces of metals.

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1 Scheme of β–decay of nucleus 182W according to [7] 37 182 Ta nucleus and of subsequent gamma transitions in daughter and for thereby avoiding the additional absorption and scattering of initial and scattered gamma rays in ice. The position of the scatterer in the narrow part of the container permitted minimizing th e contribution of gamma-ray scattering by liquid nitrogen. 1 mm thick in the form of a disk 1 cm in diameter irradiated with thermal reactor neutrons at a flux density of about 2 × 1013 cm2 s–1 for about 100 h.

5°. 3 Measurement of the Magnetic Moment… 45 This value must be corrected for the finiteness of the solid angles within which gamma radiation is incident to the scatterer and, after a scattering event, to the detector. 5° with the R value obtained upon averaging over all scattering angles allowed by setup geometry—that is, by the dimensions of the gamma source, detector, and working area of the scatterer, as well as by the corresponding distances. 9). 1 keV was measured in many studies. 01) × 10–9 s.

43): We have  I n 0 J ðÀ1Þ n 2   I k2  k2   I  ðÀ1Þ nÀma Dk1 ðh1 ;/1 ÞDk2 à ðh2 ;/2 Þ N0 N0 p   m0a Àma N      ! ðk2 À jN jÞ! ðk2 þ jN jÞ! I Àn  PNk1 ð0ÞPNk2 ð0Þfcos½N ðu2 À u1 ފ À i sin½N ðu2 À u1 ފg   ¼ ðÀ1Þ  0 n ma  I   I k2 2  I Àn p   m0a I Àma  ! ðk2 À jN jÞ! ðk2 þ jN jÞ!  fA cos½N ðu2 À u1 ފg À B sin½N ðu2 À u1 ފ þ ifB cos½N ðu2 À u1 ފg þ A sin½N ðu2 À u1 ފ ð1:64Þ Here, we have used the circumstance that (n – ma) is an integer. As a result, ðÀ1ÞnÀma ¼ðÀ1Þma Àn : Neither A nor B now depends on N.

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