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Because the horrendous day of September eleventh 2001, the folks of the realm were informed the large Lie. The legit tale of what occurred on Sep 11 is a delusion of untruth, manipulation, contridiction and anomaly. David Icke has spent good over a decade uncovering the strength that was once particularly in the back of these assaults and has travelled to forty nations in pursuit of the reality. He has uncovered their team of workers, equipment and schedule in a chain of books and movies

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The skull and bones is an ancient Illuminati symbol used in its sacrificial rituals and secret language, not least by the Knights Templar. Samuel Russell launched Russell and Company in 1823 and within seven years it had absorbed the Perkins opium syndicate based in Boston. Russell's head of operations in Canton, China, was Warren Delano Jr, the grandfather of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the US President during the Second World War who was related to the Bush family. Roosevelt was also a cousin of his fellow wartime leader, the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

President George W. Bush, like his father and grandfather, is a Bohemian Grove attendee and arrived there shortly after the video was shot. The Jones footage appeared in a television documentary on the UK's Channel 4 in 2001, a programme that skimmed the surface of what really goes on at the Grove and missed a wonderful opportunity. Alex Jones has a tendency to scream at the camera, which doesn't help his case, but he does some great work informing Americans of their plight. His own video of the Bohemian Grove footage is far better than the UK Channel 4 version and is well worth seeing.

One was asked if he was a policeman. "Yes" was his first reply when caught off-guard, but then he denied it. The manipulation of public perception goes on before our eyes minute by minute. September 11th was the most obvious example of this I have yet seen. Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Centre Disaster Fresh air "money" • The real agenda behind 9/11 21 One of the most important aspects of the bloodline-Illuminati control of humanity is the money system. The Illuminati financial sting is very simple and spans the period from Sumer and Babylon to the present day.

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