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Rc4 55 XABCDEFGHY 8-+-+-+-+( 7+p+lmk-zp-' 6-zp-+-tr-zp& 5+-+PmKp+-% 4-+R+-+-+$ 3zP-+-+-zP-# 2-zP-+N+-zP" 1+-+-+-+-! xabcdefghy Due to the active king white is dominating. Ne6. XABCDEFGHY 8-+-mk-+-+( 7+ptRl+-zp-' 6-tr-zPN+-zp& 5+-+-mKp+-% 4-zp-+-+-+$ 3zP-+-+-zP-# 2-zP-+-+-zP" 1+-+-+-+-! xabcdefghy Now white is winning. Ke6 will play pay Rg7 and Rg8 mate. The next piece we will talk about is… The QUEEN Same with all other pieces a queen is the most active in a center. In a middlegame, however, it is usually bad to centralize a queen, because an opponent can attack it.

We may conclude that 2 connected passed pawns can guarantee you a win. Let’s think again about the current position. Though it is hard for black to win the a4 pawn somehow, but it is the only black’s chance for a win. Black will need to bring the king to the queen-side, protect his “b” pawn and take the a4 pawn then. During this time white will take a pawn or even 2 pawns on the king-side. However, black shouldn’t worry about it too much. 2 connected passed pawns should guarantee a black’s win.

Remember the well-known masters of an endgame (Capablanca, Karpov, Kramnik and others). They all have a crystal clear positional style of a game. They never made bad mistakes. All the rules presented in this course “An Endgame Expert” work perfectly in an endgame, but they work in all other stages of a game as well. If you study this course seriously, you will improve not only your endgame skills, but your general understanding of a game. ” We will discuss every piece one after another. A closer look at The KING As you probably know in an endgame a king becomes an active piece.

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