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Analog technological know-how Fiction and truth, December 2014, quantity CXXXIV No. 12
Trevor Quachri, editor
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"The Anomaly" via C. W. Johnson
"Humans First!" by means of Kyle Kirkland

Short Stories
"Dino Mate" by way of Rosemary Claire Smith
"Citizen of the Galaxy" via Evan Dicken
"Mammals" by means of David D. Levine
"Saboteur" by means of Ken Liu
"Twist of Coil" via Miki Dare
"Racing the Tide" via Craig DeLancey

"Crash" through John F. Keane

Science Fact
"Speared" by means of Tom Ligon, Stephanie Osborn, Arlan Andrews Sr

"Probability 0: All Too Human" through Paul Carlson
Guest Editorial: "A collection of Apocalypses" through Howard V. Hendrick
Alternate View: "Hacking the Genome Alphabet" by means of John G. Cramer
"Biolog: Rosemary Claire Smith" via Richard A. Lovettrtledove, Joe Haldeman and Ben Bova.

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Wilhelmsen didn't die of fatigue, colonel, he died of communications failure, he died of not working with his own crew. He schitzed—for one nanosecond he schitzed and forgot where in hell he was in his sequence. There's an interdict on mat move—it's supposed to be in the pilot's head, and it failed, colonel, he failed, that's the bottom line. Dekker—" "Dekker ran that same flight on sim and he's lying delirious in hospital. Don't let me hear you use that word schitz again, lieutenant, except you apply it to your boy.

C bu to re he C lic k he k lic C w. " Graff said, "Ease down. " "They're saying it can't be flown. " "Ease down, Mitch. " He had Saito at his elbow. He could see Tanzer down die hall with Bonner, in hot and heavy discussion. Demas came back from the phone in the office. " Graff said, "Mitch. Be good," and took Saito with him, farther up die hall. " "Couldn't get hold of Pollard. Talked to Higgins. The neurosurgeon wanted to run another brain scan. Higgins and Evans agreed. Dekker went off the edge, he's under sedation.

Not part of the rab the EC had exiled to the Belt, not part of the EC, either, in the sense the rab had resisted it—didn't even understand the politics in the '15, but he was getting to. Fast. They'd hauled the Shepherd pilots into the Program for their expertise. They weren't eighteen-year-olds, and they damned sure weren't anybody's boys. You didn't use that word with them. Didn't lead them, no way in hell. You fed them the situation and showed them where it was different from what they knew.

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