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Where did the isolated ocean model come from? To a large extent, it was the result of historical inertia. Until 1979, no one suspected that water on Europa would be anything but solid ice. Then, only a few days before Voyager's arrival at Jupiter, Stan Peale (University of California at Santa Barbara) and his colleagues reported that the eccentricity of the orbits of the Galilean satellites would result in substantial heating by the friction of tides. The most optimistic estimates allow for enough ongoing heating in Europa to keep nearly all the water in a liquid state, except for a thin layer of ice at the surface.

Sec. 4 Ridges 21 How then does this structure relate to the appearance at lower resolution, the socalled ``triple-bands''? 8, we see that along either side of the major ridge complexes the adjacent terrain is slightly darker than average. 7). The ridge systems, which now are revealed to be structurally the most signi®cant characteristic of the globalscale lineaments, lie between the faint double dark lines. In the lower resolution images they simply appear as the relatively bright center line of the triple-bands.

In this way and others, we will see how crack patterns marked by double ridges reveal the tectonic processes that drive much of the active resurfacing of Europa. 8) shows the character of typical chaotic terrain. 10. Throughout Conamara the surface appearance suggests thermal disruption, leaving a lumpy matrix with somewhat displaced rafts, on whose surface fragments of the previous surface are clearly visible. Rafts 24 Touring the surface [Ch. 10. Part of a high-resolution (54-m/pixel) image sequence of Conamara Chaos taken during orbit E6.

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