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An exploration of advancements within the sector of three-quark platforms. Emphasis is given to the dialogue of experimental leads to the components of shape components, unpolarized and polarized constitution services, and baryon constitution and spectroscopy. Of specific curiosity are the theoretical advancements within the region of generalized parton distributions and lattice quantum chromodynamics. The papers are taken from the 9th overseas convention at the constitution of Baryons, held in Newport information, Virginia in 2002.

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For the inelastic process, where a N' or A resonance is excited, the process can be used to study resonance transitions at the elementary quark level. Varying parameter E and the momentum transfer to the recoil baryon probes the two-parton correlation functions or generalized parton distributions (GPDs). That this process is indeed present at a measureable level is seen in the preliminary data from CLAS 42 shown in in Fig. 9. The reaction is measured at invariant masses W > 2 GeV. The recoiling baryonic system clearly shows the excitation of resonances, the A(1232), N*(1520), and N*(1680).

40 5 Baryon spectroscopy at short distances Inelastic virtual Compton scattering in the deep inelastic regime (DVSC) can provide a new avenue of resonance studies at the elementary quark level. The process of interest is y * p + yN*(A*) where the virtual photon has a high virtuality ( Q 2 ) . The virtual photons couples to an elementary quark with longitudinal momentum fraction 2 , which is re-absorbed into the baryonic system with momentum fraction z - <, after having emitted a high energy photon.

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