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By Sharon Traweek

The original breed of particle physicists constitutes a neighborhood of subtle mythmakers--explicators of the character of topic who endlessly adjust our perspectives of house and time. yet who're those humans? what's their global particularly like? Sharon Traweek, a daring and unique observer of tradition, opens the door to this strange area and provides us a glimpse into the interior sanctum

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The "on-site" offices' of DOE are also located here. Finally, any groups proposing new research facilities or modifications of the accelerator are housed in A & E until their projects are either rejected or funded. The same suite of offices has been used during this gestational stage by one group after another. All of the above activities are considered support services 34 Touring t;he Sit;e for the purely scientific work conducted by the people in Central Lab. Senior personnel from A & E occasionally walk to the Central Lab to confer with the director or other physicists there.

Occasionally, trusted experimentalists are allowed access to these ,tools. The'accelerator itself was produced in these buildings, as well as many magnets and much of the' other research equipment. The people who work in this area are engineers and craftspeople who are ,constantly producing prototypes, translating the physicists' designs into hardware, often developing new techniques in the process. These innovations are reported in yet another set of journals and meetings. It is very important for experimentalists to be on good terms with these engineers and craftspeople, to know whom they can call upon in emergencies.

Traditional anthropologists have sometimes been suspicious of "repatriated" anthropology, arguing that without strangeness the fieldworker cannot identify the cultural assumptions of a community; they believe that shared common sense is transparent and hence invisible. The premise is surely right, but the cases where it applies are rarer than they may seem. For one thing, repatriated anthropology is just that; one of the main reasons I worked in Japanese labs before returning to SLAC was to acquire strangeness.

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