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In 2003, two federal levies came into force, one on electricity and another on natural gas (la cotisation fédérale). These federal levies are to finance certain public service obligations. 237. 1144/MWh to finance costs related to the regulation and control of electricity and natural gas markets by the CREG. 6615/MWh to finance the decommissioning of some nuclear sites. 3140/MWh to finance federal policy measures aimed at reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the Kyoto Fund. 3256/MWh to finance public social assistance centres in Belgium through the Social Fund.

The government has studied various scenarios and their implications on energy mix, gas and electricity imports and CO2 emissions. Judging from these scenarios, the nuclear phase-out will increase CO2 emissions substantially in 2030, while it is neutral for Belgium’s short-term compliance with the Kyoto target. However, the study does not provide a broader assessment of the effect of the phase-out on matters such as the national economy, including energy prices, required electricity and gas transmission infrastructure and emissions of other pollutants, nor does it take into account the potential for energy savings through demand-side management and energy efficiency measures.

The forum, which meets monthly, only has the authority to make recommendations. The federal and regional governments should strive to strengthen their co-operation and co-ordination with a view to harmonising their energy policies and measures. One area where such consultation would be particularly beneficial is in long-term planning. It would be useful for the federal and regional governments to develop scenarios as an evolving reference for considering combined impacts of federal and regional policies.

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