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F U Haiku: Pissed-off Poetry for Every Occasion

Adequate already. The Mary Sunshine act has received to head. The financial system sucks, unemployment has reached an all-time excessive, and the ozone is past fix. but if all feels futile, there's this hilarious compilation of 200-plus rants that provide you with permission to ditch the rose-colored glasses and feature a pleasing chortle on the cost of these who piss you off.

This Present Moment: New Poems

"This current moment
That lives on

To become

Long in the past. "

For his first selection of new poems due to the fact his celebrated hazard on Peaks, released in 2004, Gary Snyder unearths himself ranging over the planet. trips to the Dolomites, to the north shore of Lake Tahoe, from Paris and Tuscany to the shrine at Delphi, from Santa Fe to Sella move, Snyder lays out those poems as a map of the decade. positioned side-by-side, they develop into a course and a path of complexity and lyrical regard, a type of riprap of the poet’s 8th decade. And within the combine are essentially the most appealing household poems of his nice occupation, poems approximately his paintings as a homesteader and householder, as a father and husband, as a pal and neighbor. A centerpiece during this assortment is a protracted poem concerning the demise of his liked, Carole Koda, a wealthy poem of grief and sorrow, infrequent in its regular resolved specialise in a demise spouse, of an influence unequaled in American poetry.

As a chum is quoted in a single of those new poems:

"I met the opposite in recent years within the some distance again of a bar,
musicians taking part in close to the window and he
sweetly informed me “listen to that music.

The self we carry so pricey will quickly be long gone. ”"

Gary Snyder is without doubt one of the maximum American poets of the final century, and This current second indicates his command, his huge variety, and his impressive braveness.

Collected Poems of Lenore Kandel

Jack Kerouac immortalized her in his novel sizeable Sur. A scholar of Zen, she frolicked with Gary Snyder and Allen Ginsberg and used to be a speaker at San Francisco's Human Be-In. yet Lenore Kandel was once no muse or hanger-on; she was once an excellent lyric poet, usually unabashedly erotic, and that's the place her legacy lies.


« Désâmé », c’est du Desbiens typique et classique. Un lecteur familier y retrouvera des effets vus ailleurs, assonances, comparaisons, buildings syntaxiques en parallèle, mots fétiches même.

L’originalité de ce recueil réside dans l. a. nuance nouvelle des thèmes et photographs obsédants. Une originalité troublante de vérité. Mine de rien, parmi d’autres thèmes, celui de l. a. mort qui s’y profile, et los angeles sienne entrevue de bien plus près qu’avant. À ce thème s’allie, un peu plus appuyée, sa pratique de los angeles poésie : rapports entre le poète et los angeles poésie, entre le poème et los angeles gangue de vie dont il s’extrait.

« Ce titre, Désâmé, indique en tous cas assez clairement que l’expérience de désenchantement et de désœuvrement (de déréliction ? ) qui suscite le poème touche aux fibres de l’être. Peut-être davantage, ici, que dans ses précédents opus, cette expérience en est une d’écriture, Desbiens élaborant dans l. a. première partie de son livre, judicieusement intitulée « Italiques », un artwork poétique aussi humble que malicieux, aussi désarmé que désarmant :

J’écris à los angeles main
j’écris sur du pain
sans savoir
de quelle encre
le beurrer.

Je ne sais pas
de quel poème
vient le poème. »

« Voix et photos », no. 7

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She was laughing and singing with joy. I asked her why she didn’t like the number 703, since it looked to me like a perfectly good prime. ” With that there could be no argument. So I knew that even the most alien intelligence has something in common with us. Her prime numbers are the same as ours. One more public glimpse of Elly was provided by her father, showing her a little later at a crucial stage in her search for meaning. ” They described a marvelously elaborate and abstract scheme by which Elly at that time attached numbers to her emotions and to the comings and goings of the sun and moon.

There are no magic weapons. But there are good as well as bad military technologies. A good military technology is one which leads away from weapons of mass destruction toward weapons which allow people to defend their homeland against invasion without destroying it. The technology of precision-guided muni- 118 The Tanner Lectures on Human Values tions is good in this sense. It is reasonable to imagine a hopeful evolution of affairs in Europe, with the technology evolving away from nuclear weapons toward precision-guided non-nuclear weapons, and with the political authorities evolving away from Assured Destruction toward Live-and-Let-Live.

Happy endings still exist, of course. But they have lost their ancient legitimacy . . They awaken an automatic distrust . . And so for the first time since the beginning of our literature there is no major artistic mode to affirm the experience of comedy: healing, restoration, winning through . . It is a grand claim we make when we reject happy endings: that we are very special, that whatever songs previous ages could sing, in our terrible century all success is shallow or illusory, all prosperity a fairy-tale; that the only responses to our world which command adult assent are compulsive ironies and cries of pain; that the world which seems to lie before us like a world of dreams, so various, so beautiful, so new, hath, in short, really neither joy nor love nor light, nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain, and we are here as on a darkling plain waiting for Godot.

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