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KtxQ, White is so much ahead with his development that Black's chance of equalising the game would seem questionable. If White plays Kt-KR3 on his sixth move, he foils at once Black's attempt of forcing an exchange of Queens, as he could play 8. QKKt3. On the whole we can conclude that in the Caro-Kann defence White obtains a good game by 3. P-K5. A line of play which used to be in vogue, namely, 3. Kt-QB3, PxP; 4. KtxP, Kt-B3; 5. KtxKtch, KPxKt or KtPxKt, gives Black an even chance, for although he loses his centre pawn he obtains a good development, and later in the game he has opportunities of exercising pressure on White's QP through his open Q file.

Kt-Q3 than exchange Knights, as after this exchange it would not be too difficult for Black to bring his Bishop into play on the King's wing via K1. Both of White's Bishops would be best placed on Kt2. This "Stonewall" opening can also be played by White, who is then a move to the good in the variation just shown. But this opening has practically disappeared from modern tournament games, simply because the QB cannot easily be brought into play. The following variation is reminiscent of the "Stonewall" in the formation of the centre pawns.

Already on the second move White can play 2. P-QB4 and turn the game into a Queen's gambit, which Black can either accept or decline. Black would be justified in playing 2. PxP, and so furthering White's object of getting his (Black's) Queen's Pawn away, if he could permanently hold the gambit pawn, or if the giving up of the square at Q4 fits into a reasoned system of development. The latter was, for instance, the case in the play leading to the position shown in the Diagram 36. But Black is well advised to wait until White has moved the King's Bishop before taking the pawn on his QB5.

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