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Jean Henri Dunant’s influential work Un Souvenir de Solferino was also important to Barton. It detailed the horrors of war and the need for an organization to treat the wounded. It is considered the work containing the germ of the idea for the Red Cross. Clara Barton was born on Christmas Day in 1821 near North Oxford, Massachusetts. She was the fifth child of Stephen Barton, a soldier and farmer, and Sarah Stone Barton, a determined social reformer whose opposition to slavery was well known. As a child Barton was, although intelligent, very bashful and withdrawn.

1975 Ranked first in the United States and the world, winning nine tournaments. 1968–1985 First African American named to the Davis Cup team, he led the United States to five Davis Cup victories. 1981 Published Off the Court. 1985 Inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. 1988 Published A Hard Road to Glory. 1988 Underwent brain surgery after his right arm became paralyzed. The surgery revealed a condition which led to the diagnosis of AIDS. Arthur believed he was infected by a blood transfusion.

Arthur Ashe, Jr. 15 With full intensity we seek, ere the quiet passes, a fresh sense of order in our living; A direction, a strong sure purpose that will structure our confusion and bring meaning in our chaos . . (Ashe and Rampersad, 288) For many years Ashe collected books. He described himself as one of those who had to own books, unlike most readers who will pass a book along after finishing it. In the 1960s he started to specialize in books written by and about African Americans. He put a great deal of research into locating such books, looking them up in rare book catalogs and ordering them from book dealers in New York, Boston, and Chicago, and he built up a very impressive library.

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