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Just as in an “if” statement, the curly braces are optional for one statement. However, if you need to execute several statements per cycle then you need the curly braces to form a compound statement. " << endl; ++cnt; } What we have done here is moved the counter initialization outside the loop and replaced Part 1 with an empty statement, which is perfectly legal since Part 1 can be “any C++ statement(s)”. Second, we have moved the counter increment from Part 3 to Part 4, and we replaced Part 3 with an empty statement.

However, a do…while is guaranteed to execute at least once. 12 shows the do…while syntax. 12: Program demonstrates the do…while loop. 12. 12, despite condition being initialized to false, we still enter the loop body. Inside the body, the program assigns the truth-value the user entered to condition. Then at the end, the condition is tested to see if we will loop again. By moving the loop condition to the end, we are guaranteed the loop body statements will be executed at least once. 60 Note that it does not take too much imagination to see how a do…while loop could be rewritten using a while-loop.

11. Continue to play? y Playing game... Continue to play? Y Playing game... Continue to play? y Playing game... Continue to play? n Exiting... quit) and conditional statements (if…else). quit is true. If the condition is true, we execute the statements in the loop body. Inside the loop body, the program asks the user if he wishes to continue. quit false. quit is tested again. Observe that this loop will repeat an unknown amount of times and its termination depends on user input. 3 The do…while Loop The do…while loop is similar to the while-loop.

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