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By Gav Thorpe

Ulthuan is burning. Its peoples are scattered, its lands in smash. below the iron fist of the Witch King darkish elves sack and pillage. His wish is little short of overall domination and the utter extinction of the excessive elves. Skies blacken with the wings of dragons and smoke occludes the sunlight. Daemons move slowly from their hell-pits, hungering for souls. throughout the fires of civil struggle, a common turns into a king. Prince Caledor takes up the Phoenix Crown and with it the hopes of all of Ulthuan. although it's a burden unwished for, he's the final heroic thread which may unite the world of the real asur. Darkness closes, choked with the screams of conflict. useless elves soak the land in blood, anointing a spell of unbinding, a cataclysm meant to finish the very international.

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