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By Aldo Covello

This quantity presents a complete survey through overseas specialists of contemporary advancements within the box of nuclear constitution. either experimental and theoretical concerns are coated. at the experimental part, the newest study and the envisaged advancements within the most crucial laboratories, the place radioactive ion beams can be found, are reviewed intimately. at the theoretical part, a few of the methods to a basic thought of nuclear constitution ranging from the nucleon-nucleon interplay are mentioned, going from few-body platforms, the place "ab initio" calculations are attainable, to advanced nuclei, the place the shell version performs a key position. result of present experimental and theoretical stories on unique nuclei also are provided.

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Stripped so that they are are produced as a cocktail beam. Therefore, the second stage of BigRIPS, from the F3 to F7 focal plane, is designed to give their particle-identification information based on the event-by-event Bp-AE-TOF measurement. 4 In the in-flight uranium fission at E = 350A MeV, with which RIBs far from the stability line can be effectively produced, the momentum and the scattering angle of the fission fragments are widely spread compared with the projectile fragmentation. BigRIPS is designed to accept RIBs produced not only in the projectile-fragmentation reaction but also the in-flight fission of uranium ions.

3 In the following, three recent examples of studies of shell structure evolution away from the valley of stability will be presented. These studies have been performed at GANIL and they are all based on in-beam gamma spectroscopy techniques used with reactions induced by secondary beams at intermediate energies. The three studies concern: (1)The evolution of the Z=28 shell effect in nuclei with neutron numbers beyond N=40. (2) The effectiveness of the N=28 shell effect in silicon nuclei. (3) The difference between the A=36 Ca isotope and its S mirror isotope 2.

The results are shown in fig. 5. Clearly the experimental cross-sections are much higher than the expected values. These results may indicate that a rethink of the fusion process for exotic nuclei may be necessary. Further details are given in ref. 6 . (e ) A § t r o ~ ~ y § iCapture c§ For energy production in various stellar sites, proton and alpha particle capture reactions play a very important role. Many of the reactions of interest involve nuclei which are unstable. Therefore for direct measurements of the reactions, one of the goals of radioactive beam facilities like ISAC is to measure these reactions.

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