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By Charles Bukowski

Living on Luck is a set of letters from the Nineteen Sixties jumbled together with poems and drawings. The ever smart Charles Bukowski fills the pages along with his tough external and juicy heart.

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"I met the opposite in recent years within the some distance again of a bar,
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« Désâmé », c’est du Desbiens typique et classique. Un lecteur familier y retrouvera des effets vus ailleurs, assonances, comparaisons, structures syntaxiques en parallèle, mots fétiches même.

L’originalité de ce recueil réside dans los angeles nuance nouvelle des thèmes et photographs obsédants. Une originalité troublante de vérité. Mine de rien, parmi d’autres thèmes, celui de l. a. mort qui s’y profile, et l. a. sienne entrevue de bien plus près qu’avant. À ce thème s’allie, un peu plus appuyée, sa pratique de l. a. poésie : rapports entre le poète et l. a. poésie, entre le poème et los angeles gangue de vie dont il s’extrait.

« Ce titre, Désâmé, indique en tous cas assez clairement que l’expérience de désenchantement et de désœuvrement (de déréliction ? ) qui suscite le poème touche aux fibres de l’être. Peut-être davantage, ici, que dans ses précédents opus, cette expérience en est une d’écriture, Desbiens élaborant dans los angeles première partie de son livre, judicieusement intitulée « Italiques », un artwork poétique aussi humble que malicieux, aussi désarmé que désarmant :

J’écris à los angeles main
j’écris sur du pain
sans savoir
de quelle encre
le beurrer.

Je ne sais pas
de quel poème
vient le poème. »

« Voix et photographs », no. 7

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In a letter to Naukratios, Theodore of Stoudios complains that his friend had not told him whether he thought that writing iambs against the iconoclasts is a good idea; and in another letter, to his brother Joseph, Theodore writes that he much regrets that Joseph’s iambic pamphlet against the iconoclast heresy got lost in the mail63. In the Refutation of the Sacrilegious Poems, Theodore inveighs against the iconoclastic iambs on the Chalke and proves that they are totally inappropriate64. In poem no.

Words like d0ron or c1riß can be found in many Byzantine poems. The poet presents his poem as a gift to his patron, whom he asks to kindly accept his offer (d6coy or the like: see, for instance, Pisides’ words quoted above: d6coy t2 mikr1). There can be but little doubt that poets desire something in return for their generous gifts and that these requests to accept a gift involve more than simply showing gratitude for services rendered. In the prologue to the Ekphrasis, Constantine the Rhodian ends by saying that Constantine VII “is an emperor completely sympathetic to, and stepping into the breach for, those who labour hard”.

As Geometres owned a luxurious mansion in the centre of the city and never refers to any financial problems (in his poems he complains about almost everything, but not about poverty), he must have been rather well-off. He may have inherited some of his possessions from his father, a “loyal servant of the emperor”, but the rest of his opulence will have accrued throughout his years of active service in the military48. Thus I would suggest that Geometres did not directly depend upon financial gifts from the emperor, but that he was remunerated for his priceless literary services with a comfortable position in the Byzantine army.

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