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By William Steinitz

I ntroduction. The andrsigned ventures to undergo the chess group, in a accrued shape, the video games in recent years performed within the fit among Mr. Blackbume and himself. A mongst chess avid gamers this tsontest excited at the least a normal volume of curiosity; and, maybe for the 1st time, most of the people bestowed a great deal of consciousness upon a chess fit a end result that's no doubt because of the good area theL ondon day-by-day papers dedicated to the main points of the play. a couple of introductory comments as to the starting place and personality of the mathematics is probably not misplaced. for a very long time earlier a variety of buyers of the sport had expressed a desire to see a suite contest among the 1st and moment winners within the pageant for theE mperor of Austria sprize within the Vienna event of 1873. at the one hand Mr. Blackbume sfriends thought of the difficulty so shut that the victory of Mr. Steinitz may be considered as little greater than an affair of probability; nevertheless Mr. Steinitz and his supporters have been of opinion that the laws enforced at Vienna have been hugely detrimental to the advance of the simplest play, or to the good fortune of the easiest participant, whoever he should be. relatively unsatisfied was once the stipulation that every competitor should still play a fit of 3 video games with some other the fits, and never the video games, to attain as effects. the prejudice of such an association will be proven through the subsequent instance: consider there be twelve players-the similar quantity as performed in Vienna and wins nine.
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KKt5 3. KK5 K R4 4. KB5 PR4 5 . , blocking and thereby safeguarding his pawn. 3S K 3 K-K3 4 &,-K:8 K-H4 5 Si37 K-Kt3 White is tempo-manauvring. I f now s... KK7 . The noma1 winning method foiiows, the kidg supporting the KKtP, the bishop blocking Black's pawns. A. PKt4. %-a K-,,,B4 7 K-,,,K3 K--K t5 B K-32 K-&f If 8... PQS 9. KK2 K34 10. KQ3 KK3 1 t . B85. 6 I I l d When Rlack has three wired passed pawns, such a phalanx may well draw against a knight. Por a bishop however there arc g m d winning chances if the pa- are not beyond the r e c ~ d or third mnk, but a probabb draw if they BE farther forward.

8Q3BR6 7 . B K 2 K x P 8. BKt4 BU8 9. P86 RBS 11. KK16 KQ3 12. KRt7 KK4 13. BR5 KRS, etc. 3 ... L K t5 Now if 3... KBI Black gains a tempo on the last note bemuse of his better king positicn, 4. BK6 cl). KKt2 5 . B x P RRB 6. EK6 K x P 7. FBS KFS2 8. W6 KQI 9. 3337 BQ6 10. KR4 KQ2 I I . KKtS KQ3 12. K R 6 KK4 13. KKt7 BKt4 14. BKt3 BRI 15. BI32. 4 B-Kt2 The only way, for after 4. BK6? KRr2 4 ... ~ f i K-,,,,KtZ RxP 9 10 If 12 f3 I4 B--R7 P-BS P-B6 R-Kt6 %-Kt7 B,,-Q4 K-B4 K-,-Q3 LKt8. 147 Seilrold r.

K-R6 K,GKtl 7. P-K6 R,&i32 8. K XP K-Q3 9. K-,,,-Kt6K X P 10. K-,B6 K;-,,,K2 11. K - 4 7 K-K3 12. K-Q8 K--B2 (12 ... KQ4 13. KK7 KK5 14. KB6 KB6 IS. K x P K x P 16. KKt5) 13. K-Q7 K-I33 14. K-ICH K--Kt2 1 5. K,&K7 K--Kt l 16, K-,-AB6 K-R2 17. K-R7 i: g,-R3 18. K-Kt$. P-Kt7 X)-Kt8 KQ K-K7 K-R8 A qumfi exchange cannot be avoided. If I I . , KB6 12. QB5 ch. KK7 13. QKt4 ch,, and if I f ... KQT(Q8) 12. QQ5 ch. KBGB7) 13. Q35 ch. K- Q7 12 Q-KS ch. QSC ~ I . 14 0--K4 ch. K,--Q7 IS +Kt2 ch. If. Q x P c ~ .

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