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By Abramov L. Cafferty B.

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I6QxP, R-Ki; 21 22 PxP; QR-Qi 14 P-Kt4, 15 BPxP, P-KR3; 18 Kt-Rs, Kt-QB4; 19 Kt-B2, 17 B-B2, Kt-Q_2 20 P-Kt5, P-KR4 21 Kt-B5, and White won. B-Q2; 5 8 B-K-3, Kt-Bi Kt-B3, better KKt-K2 ; as in the cable 6 game by 5 6-64. PxP, PxP; 7 B-Kt5, game, Liverpool Chess Club v. Steinitz. 23 Kt, This not good. is QP x B ; Kt x P. Px KP ; 5Bx THE TWO KNIGHTS' DEFENCE i P-K 4 P-K 4 , ; 2 KKt-B 3 QKt-B 3 , ; 3, B-B 4 Kt-B 3 , BLACK by giving up a Pawn deprives White of the advantage of the ist move, and obtains a sound, substantial Counter attack.

Kt-B3. in reply very the interesting positions in a peculiar which represents 17 first consists of Black c 1 THE SCOTCH GAMBIT 8 manner the special faculty possessed by the late Dr. Zukertort to cope successfully with complicated developments in the Openings. Variations IX. to XII. give four specimens of this debut. In Variations XIII. to XVI. we examine the old form of attack 4 if This B-QB4. , or equalizing obtaining a superior position as in Variation i P-K 4 P-K 4 , 4 Kt x P, I. , Q-Q^ B B4 ; (i) 2 ; KKt-B 3 QKt-B 3 5 B-K 3 (2), Q-B 3 , ; ; 6 XIV.

I P-K 4 P-K4 , ; 2 B-B 4 Kt-KB 3 , . THE players who resort to this game take the earliest opporThere is no tunity of turning it into a Giuoco Piano. in 2 that is a nonit B-B4, except particular point committing move. Black's move 2 Kt-KB3 is undoubtedly best. White's most attacking move would seem to be P-KB4, but the reply 3 P-Q4 produces a variation of the King's Gambit Declined, which is not very favourable to the attack, as shown in Variation I. Note (2). White's move, 3 3 P-Q4, also leads to an indecisive line of play, as in Variation II.

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