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By Raymond Keene, Sam Sloan

Lines the advance of combinational idea from the early days of chess occasions as much as the reign of worldwide champion Anatoly Karpov. by way of determining key ordinary parts within the decisive mixtures of the champions, Keene indicates how you can pull off crushing finishes.

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Cxd5, gives White a comfortable advantage. d6 Piket in turn shows his craftiness by bringing the game back to the variations of the KID where the move Bc1-f4 is not considered to be a dangerous line for Black. htm (1 of 5) [12/02/2002 8:29:12 AM] Inside Chess by Yasser Seirawan whom? Nf3 Bg4!? b7-b5 and a Queenside fianchetto. In many KID lines, Piket often parts with his light-squared Bishop and so the text wasn't unexpected. Qd3!? Not a very common move in a KID. With it, Timman has a concrete idea of castling long and so he decided on a flexible approach to the center and Kingside.

While its very nice to lazily dream of how effective the f1Bishop might be on the h3-c8 or long diagonal, White has a problem: the c4-pawn, a target which Piket immediately presses against. e5! f5! A powerful move which clarifies which side has won the strategic battle. Qf6, when White's Queen has landed on a lush square. Qf4 Nc5! when Black has a powerful initiative. Qf4 Nc5 White is in big trouble as all of Black's moves flow very nicely. Nc5-e6 forking Queen and Rook. The larger question is how White will defend the c4-pawn.

White's a1-Rook is activated without moving and that the shield around Black's King is compromised by the text. All reasons enough to make this move. Qd3 Bc6? Played without any understanding for the position. Garry misses a devastating shot which finishes the game fast. Rxe6 Be7 and hope. Garry was busily shaking his head in disgust and looking into the few persons in the audience. He was looking towards his mother as if to say I want to resign. Should I? Not a happy Mother's Day present. Bf5!

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