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By Catherine Haberland MD

This full-color textual content and atlas, presents a whole assessment of the structural adjustments of significant apprehensive process illnesses, in addition to their scientific manifestations. Readers will comprehend the objectives of the neuropathologic examination, the histologic response of neural tissue to illnesses, and the pathologic stipulations specific to the anxious procedure. All subject matters are highlighted by way of gross and histologic photos of the mind and spinal twine, and all combine the newest clinical reports.

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The improvement is considered a good prognostic sign and an indication for shunting the CSF from the lateral ventricle to the jugular vein or peritoneal cavity. Pathologic Features Nonobstructive Hydrocephalus Nonobstructive hydrocephalus results from an overproduction of CSF by a choroid plexus papilloma or from failure of absorption at the arachnoid villi due to a thrombotic or neoplastic occlusion of the superior sagittal sinus. The leptomeninges appear normal or variably thickened. The ventricles are markedly enlarged.

It is replaced by a glial mesodermal network (van Gieson), E. which contains lipid-laden macrophages (oil-red O). F. The hemispheric white matter is devoid of myelin (Weil stain). G. Schematic representation of the sites of the surviving neurons: hypothalamus, brainstem, and parts of hippocampus. H. The cerebellar cortex is totally depleted of Purkinje cells, basket fibers and granule cells; it is outlined by a prominent Bergmann astrocytic layer (Bodian stain). 9 Post-hypoxic dementia. Following resuscitation from ventricular fibrillation and cardiac arrest, a 23-year-old man became severely demented.

It is associated with expanding mass lesions. D. It causes herniations. E. It affects chiefly the white matter. 8. Increased intracranial pressure associated with a mass lesion can cause all of the following except: A. B. C. D. E. Cerebellar tonsillar herniation Pituitary necrosis Isolated abducens nerve palsy Hydrocephalus ex-vacuo Hippocampal herniation BA S I C S O F N E U RO PAT H O L O G Y 9. If a 40-year-old woman, diagnosed with an acute right subdural hematoma, suddenly develops a right ptosis with a dilated pupil nonreactive to light, the most likely cause is: A.

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