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A Genetically Engineered individual and self-proclaimed "party girl," Echo Adams loves her diplomatic task unique alien bigwigs for the Galactic Federation. however the Bureau of Alien Affairs has stumbled on she's even more than she thinks-that a rogue scientist endowed her with talents and psi talents dwarfing these of universal GEPs. And all of sudden Echo's luxurious existence is over, changed with a much more harmful one: a unique agent anticipated not to merely chase undesirable men, yet cast off them.

Echo's hates being caught on Madrea-a planet of technophobes off limits to Federation visitors-hunting for a stolen quartz crystal with a robust alien lifeform embedded within. She despises the Bureau's restrictive rules-especially the single caution her clear of the dangerously seductive Commander of the King's Forces. And if she doesn't the right way to use her alleged super-psi powers quickly, her partying days-in truth all of her days-will be over for sturdy.

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It wasn't until I came down here that I learned that I could fight back. That I could win. The rift taught me that, and now Ballard has too— "Thank you," Clarke whispers, and hits Ballard hard in the face. Ballard goes over backwards, collides with a table. Clarke calmly steps forward. She catches a glimpse of herself in a glass icicle; her capped eyes seem almost luminous. "Oh Jesus," Ballard whimpers. " Clarke stands over her. "Don't be," she says. She sees herself as some sort of exploding schematic, each piece neatly labeled.

She goes sprawling out into the corridor. One arm smacks painfully against a cluster of pipes as she falls. She rolls to one side and raises her arms to protect herself. But Ballard just steps over her and stalks into the lounge. I'm not afraid, Clarke notes, getting to her feet. She hit me, and I'm not afraid. Isn't that odd— From somewhere nearby, the sound of shattering glass. Ballard's shouting in the lounge. "The experiment's over! " Clarke follows the corridor, steps out of it. Pieces of the lounge mirror hang like great jagged stalactites in their frame.

If Ballard doesn't want her to see what she's reading, she could just use those. But then she wouldn't see me coming... "I think maybe it was a Ziphiid," Ballard's saying. "A beaked whale. Except it had too many teeth. Very rare. " Clarke listens, not really interested. " Ballard's voice is slightly raised. She looks almost furtively at STARFISH 37 PETER W ATTS something on the other side of the lounge. " "I mean, in all the ocean, something that big just happening to drop out of the sky a few hundred meters away.

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