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By Elizabeth Kolsky

Colonial Justice in British India describes and examines the lesser-known historical past of white violence in colonial India. through foregrounding crimes devoted by means of a as a rule forgotten forged of eu characters - planters, paupers, squaddies and sailors - Elizabeth Kolsky argues that violence used to be no longer a superb yet a standard a part of British rule within the subcontinent. regardless of the pledge of equality, colonial laws and the practices of white judges, juries and police positioned so much Europeans above the legislations, actually letting them break out with homicide. The failure to regulate those unruly whites published how the load of race and the imperatives of command imbalanced the scales of colonial justice. In a robust account of this era, Kolsky finds a brand new point of view at the British Empire in India, highlighting the disquieting violence that at all times observed imperial varieties of strength.

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