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Westerners actually should be credited for reviving (even if somewhat revising) practices that were neglected for centuries. Several different types of tantra are practiced and taught in modern times. Some of these preserve the ancient traditions; others have adapted some practices to suit more Western or modern ways. However, most of the ideas are based on similar principles, such as: ➤ Sexuality is sacred. ➤ All beings are connected and equal. ➤ Sexual energy can be directed and channeled for the benefit of the individual, couple, and all beings.

I’ll tell you about these in this chapter. However, all require one practice also presented in this chapter. It’s something that you are doing at this very minute: breathing. Breathing properly and directing the breath is essential to reach the deepest possible intimacy and highest possible states of ecstasy. The Importance of Your Breath Proper breathing supplies necessary oxygen to your cells and frees emotions and sensuality. It can lead to euphoria and even orgasm. The breath is key to lasting longer in sex, having more intense orgasms, and feeling more intimate love.

In tantric sex, women are treated with the respect and honor they desire and deserve. 5. Empower men. So many men worry about their penis size, and how long they last in sex. Many also don’t know how to commit or really please a woman. When men feel more empowered in sex, they become more confident and open to being more caring in their relationship. 6. Help you achieve true satisfaction from sex. When the sex act is over, are you ever left with the feeling that you’re not really finished? This is often because the sexual act does not go beyond the genitals—it does not touch the heart.

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