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By Trevor Johnson, Hugh Neill

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Complete Mathematics offers a useful, step by step advent to the topic. Packed jam-packed with labored examples and priceless workouts, it is going to advisor you thru the necessities quick and simply, supplying you with the information you must achieve math self belief.


  • One, 5 and ten-minute introductions to key rules to get you begun.
  • Lots of quick support with universal difficulties and speedy suggestions for achievement, in accordance with the author’s decades of expertise.
  • Tests to maintain music of one's development.
  • Worked examples, transparent reasons and routines.

Topics comprise: quantity; Angles; Fractions; Two-dimensional shapes; Decimals; records; Directed numbers; Graphs; dimension; Perimeter and zone; Algebra; Approximation; Equations; chances; Formulae; Circles; chance; 3-dimensional shapes; Ratio and share; Pythagoras' Theorem and trigonometry; Indices and conventional shape; Statistics

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They include the numbers 1, 3, 6, 10, . . ᭤ Rectangle numbers are any number that can be shown as a rectangle of dots. ᭤ Cube numbers can be shown as a cube of dots. The first three cube numbers are 1, 8 and 27. ᭤ The multiples of a number are the answers to that number’s times table. So the multiples of 4 are 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, . . ᭤ A factor of a number is any number which divides exactly into that number. Every number has 1 and itself as factors. The factors of 10 are 1, 2, 5 and 10. ᭤ Prime numbers are numbers with exactly two factors.

12, ∠XYZ = 90°, so a + 71° = 90° giving a = 90° – 71° = 19°. Two angles whose sum is 90° are complementary. The angle made on a straight line is 180°. If there are two or more angles on a straight line, then their sum must also be 180°. This fact is usually stated as angles on a straight line add up to 180°. 13, PQ is a straight line, so c and 78° add up to 180°. Thus, c = 180° – 78° = 102°. Two angles which add up to 180° are called supplementary, so 78° and 102° are supplementary angles. There are 360° in a complete turn.

The angles b and d are also vertically opposite. The argument in the previous paragraph shows that vertically opposite angles are equal. Insight You can think of a pair of scissors: as the angle between the handles increases, so does the angle between the blades. 2. 3 1 Find the size of each angle marked with a letter. Where they occur, AB and CD are straight lines. 35° b 32° a 23° EXERCISE (a) (b) 59° d c 75° 63° A (d) B C B e (e) (f) i 51° g A (g) D f 149° 68° 63° B 64° 136° 72° 69° A (c) j h (h) 2 In the diagram, is ∠AOD a straight line?

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