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To appreciate how the us got here jointly as a kingdom, scholars needs to first acquaint themselves with the unique thirteen colonies - and the way each one of those colonies its personal route to the ratification of the structure. each one e-book during this set highlights the folks, locations, and occasions that have been very important to the advance of every colony.

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This land readily provided areas where farms could be established with very little extra effort. The grasses that grew in the marshes made excellent hay for livestock and the natural meadows along the rivers were easily plowed. Colonists who were forced to clear the forest to create farmland faced a more difficult task. Their only tools were broadaxes, picks, shovels, and oxen. Away from the river valleys, even after the trees had been cut 18 Connecticut In 1636, Reverend Thomas Hooker led about 100 of his parishioners from Massachusetts Bay Colony to Hartford, a town some of Hooker’s followers had founded next to the Dutch fort House of Hope the previous year.

The site was picked because it had a good harbor and was well situated to participate in trade with New Amsterdam to the south and Massachusetts to the north and had the Connecticut fur trade in its backyard. The founders of the colony drew up their own set of rules known as the New Haven Fundamental Articles of 1639. Unlike the document created by the Connecticut Colony, New Haven’s rules put the words of the Bible ahead of all else. Applying the laws of the Bible to the life of the colony was very attractive to many conservative Puritans.

However, England claimed the whole area as part of its empire. This was also complicated by border disputes between the colonies of Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Along the frontiers of the Conflicts with Native Americans 31 colonies, settlers often just took what they wanted and defended it as best they could. In addition to the colonists’ greed for more and more of the lands claimed by the various tribes in New England, there was an underlying racial intolerance on the part of the English colonists.

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