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This finished textbook illustrates the buzz and the problems of operating on the interface among natural and utilized learn. Written with the coed firmly in brain, the textual content offers a concise account of the fundamental anatomy and serve as of the elements of the CNS fascinated by controlling physique stream. medical details is built-in all through and, at any place attainable, info of correct experiments given.

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Following a second spike. The third record of the row illustrates repetitive firing produced by prolonged, steady, current injection into cell (shown as downwards step in the upper trace). At onset of current injection, the cell fires two impulses in very rapid succession and then settles down to a regular firing rate. Summation of the after-hyperpolarization from the first two impulses can be seen. Rows 3 and 4 should be read vertically: 3shows steady firing of motoneurone caused by current injection into soma, in which the after-hyperpolarizations after each spike are quite clear; 4 shows in detail what happens at the onset of current injection into the cell (downwards step in upper trace).

80 '7",160 '7", '"Q) 60 '" ]120 C. 6 Relationship between current injected into soma and firing frequency of a cat motoneurone. (a) The relation for the steady-state firing frequency of the cell; (b) the relations for the first, second and subsequent intervals after onset of stimulation in a different cell. Because neurones fire rapidly at onset of current injection, the initial firing rates are much higher than those recorded later in the train of action potentials. Note the two straight line segments of each curve: these are the primary and secondary ranges of motoneurone firing described in the test.

F(":':" i~\~'i~· ,~:: . ,: . ',. " 385 fibr .. , -approx . 1 Reconstruction of the territory of a single motor unit in the medial gastrocnemius muscle of the cat. A single motor axon, innervating a type FF unit, was stimulated repetitively so as to fatigue the muscle fibres which it innervated. Fatigue depletes fibres of their glycogen reserve (see text) . The muscle was then quickly excised and frozen and stained for fibres showing glycogen depletion using the periodic acid-Schiff method.

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