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By Sharon, M.

The squeezes of the Arabic inscriptions amassed through Max van Berchem within the center East are awarded right here in a scientific approach observed by way of their reports and images. this is often the 1st of optimistically volumes so as to hide all of the present squeezes within the files, representing many inscriptions which do now not exist.

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Masjid aí-£ufur DumrÊ (Güzümmereh Plan D7) van Berchem: “sic! VII, 114). This is a very distorted name. It should be Toquz DemürÊ the Turkish name which means “nine irons”. For details see No. 43 for the year 762. Masjid aã-•aw§shÊ (Masjid al-MughrabÊ), Masjid al-Haww§shÊ (van Berchem: al-Haww§shah. MvB Coll. VII, 124, no epigraphie). Masjid al-MaghribÊ (al-MughrabÊ) In #$rif al-#$rif’s lists the mosque appears in the Daraj Quarter, but in fact the inscription quoted is from a mosque with the same name near Masjid aã-•aw§shÊ in the Saj§#iyyah Quarter.

14 ADDENDA GAZA (GHAZZAH) 15 GAZA (GHAZZAH) Is. Gr. 099 101 (N. Is. Gr. 149 601) One of the most ancient cities in the world. Its name, which sounds like Ghaza, is found in Egyptian and other ancient documents. C. is the location of the Egyptian commissioner in the Land of Canaan). The Greeks pronounced its name Γάζα following the local pronunciation. The Hebrew name #Azzah (‫) ַﬠזָּ ה‬ is in fact Ghazzah, because, similar to the Arabic, the Hebrew also had a letter gh§yin next to #§yin. For this reason the Greek translators of the Bible, who knew the exact pronunciation of the Hebrew text, differentiated between these two letters that orthographically looked the same.

Whether she stayed in the place for a few months or whether she died on the way, and was buried there it is difficult to know. The inscription gives the date of her death in the fifth month of the year 280, which means that she could not have spent a long time in the place before her death. The emotional attachment to a wet nurse, practically a foster mother, is not surprising. One is reminded of Deborah, Rebecca’s nurse, who “died, and was buried in Bethel under the oak,” which was thereafter called the “Oak of Weeping” (‫ אלון בכות‬Gen.

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