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Gamma-ray astronomy has passed through an incredible development within the final 15 years. The good fortune of satellite tv for pc experiments like NASA's Comp­ ton Gamma-Ray Observatory and ESA's necessary project, in addition to of ground-based tools have open new perspectives into the high-energy Universe. diverse periods of cosmic gamma-ray assets were now detected at diversified energies, as well as younger radio pulsars and gamma-ray bursts, the classical ones. the recent resources contain radio­ quiet pulsars, microquasars, supernova remnants, starburst galaxies, ra­ dio galaxies, flat-spectrum radio quasars, and BL Lacertae items. a number of unidentified resources strongly means that this short enumeration is way from whole. Gamma-ray bursts at the moment are estab­ lished as extragalactic resources with great power output. there's gathering facts aiding the concept that mammoth stars and big name forming areas can speed up charged debris as much as relativistic ener­ gies making them gamma-ray resources. Gamma-ray astronomy has additionally proved to be a strong device for cosmology implementing constraints to the history photon fields which can soak up the gamma-ray flux from dis­ tant resources. All this has profound implications for our present rules approximately how debris are speeded up and transported in either the neighborhood and far-off U niverse. The evolution of our wisdom at the gamma-ray sky has been so quickly that isn't effortless for the non-specialist scientist and the graduate scholar to pay attention to the entire capability of this box or to understand the basics of a given subject so that it will test a few unique contribution.

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511 MeV. Line radiation at this energy is usually referred as annihilation radiation. 511 MeV. The cross section for pair annihilation of an electron with energy Îm e c2 with a positron at rest is 7rr5 [Î 2 +4Î+ Î+l Î 2 -1 ~ Ilnh+~) _ 7rr 2 _o [ln(2Î) - 1] for Î Î ~r2 "O (3 for (3 < < 1, (3 » 1 v = -. c Î+3] ~ (69) (70) (71) Chapter 2 Fundamentals of gamma-ray astmphysics 37 Expressed in terms of the center-of-mass frame (cm) this becomes ± ) O"(ecm 2 = f3 7rro 2 4 cm'Ycm x [- 1 f3cm (72) x 2 - -1 ( 2+ -) ln (1 + f3cm) - 2 -2- ] 'Y2m 'Ygm 1 - f3cm 'Y2m ' where all quantities are referred to the center-of-mass system of the colliding particles.

Are reasonably centered on the young PSR J1856+0113 puls ar and its bowshock wind nebula wherc relic electrons power synchrotron X-ray and radio emission in a 2-pc-long tail. The E-1. 71~g:~~). A plerionic origin of the , rays offers an attractive alternative. 3 Pulsars and their wind nebulae A pulsar origin is often considered for hard and stable sources following the characteristics of the 7 known EGRET pulsars (the latest detection being PSR J1048-58:32 (Kaspi et al. 2000), sec the chapter by D.

The pair production cross section versus the energies of two photons. The outgoing electron (positron) has an energy m e c2 / ~ in the center-of-mass system. Figure 4 shows the pair creation cross section as a function and both E"! ,2. ,2)2): = 7r;5 (1 - v;) [2v s (v; - 2) + (3 - v;) In (~ ~ ~:)] , (84) where P"! is the four-momentum of photon and (85) The threshold of pair creation is s=4m~c4. Figure 5 shows the pair creation cross section versus s. If a gamma ray of energy E,,! , Eph)dr dEph.

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