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By David C. Saidoff BS PT, Andrew L. McDonough EdD PT

Serious Pathways offers a clinically-based, problem-solving method of rehabilitation that integrates innovations from activities medication, actual and occupational remedy, geriatrics, ergonomics, kinesiology, and physiatry. It makes use of a case-study structure that simulates genuine encounters with sufferer and covers the various maladies most typically visible in outpatient rehabilitation.

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I::': • R,,:,c. -,,r. rist flexion ~'I I \ Ine synovia secretarial r·:. ,:-:': infection. ' 7 ,5:: _'nIdrome. Ihoracic out­ :2[:,al tunnel. ::-:"ring at the :-brupt angle :'~0ximal and :"::c:1ce of pos­ c~ depression ,1 c,,-ion. 3 The : at the inter­ ': angle com­ ~\e at a more :c:1 the nerve -,\Tist exten­ :-:al proximal : ought to be Conservative cjef of hand r therapeutic B ~L . 4-8 A, Phalen's test: The patient is asked to report any sensory changes in the median nerve-innervated area after holding his wrists flexed for 1 minute B, Tinel's sign: The examiner taps the hand from the fingertips proximally to the palm.

Positive radiographic findings may demon­ strate cyst formation at the fracture site as well as sclerosis of fracture surfaces. Continued move­ ment will contribute to nonunion of bone fragments. Thus, even if no fracture is visualized, a scaphoid cast should be applied for several weeks.!! This below-elbow cast should include the prox­ imal phalanx of the thumb while holding it roughly opposite the ring finger and not in wide abduc­ tion, since that interferes with function and may displace fracture fragments.

This occurs because the lunate acts as a wedge to shear the distal 2 cm of the radius off in a dorsal direction. 3 39 _ _ _ _ 40 Part I Ulna Lunate Hand and Wrist Hamate Capitate ,... 5-1 Profile of a Colles fracture (From Peterson L, Renstrom P Sports injuries. their prevention and treatment, London, 1986, Martin Dunitz, Ltd I • Comminution of the thin cortex, especially in osteoporotic bone of the elderly. A cross section of the radius can show how the thick cortical bone of the shaft thins out to form only a thin layer over the cancellous bone at the distal end.

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